Little Scholars genuinely believes in making a difference and recognises the incredible opportunities we have with every child every day. We are not a corporate. We are not owned by an investment company. We were founded and are owned and managed by a qualified teacher with a genuine passion for children and the early years.

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Welcome to our Little Scholars School of Early Learning website.  My last 18 years of hands on experience in the Early Childhood and Education sector has allowed me to create something special, Little Scholars School of Early Learning. 

Importance of communication and strong relationships

Little Scholars is a leading Early Childhood Learning environment catering for students from birth age to 5 years of age. We know that working in partnership with the family will cement a positive and fulfilling educational experience for your son or daughter. The cornerstone of a child’s successful transition into the wide world is about open communication and strong relationships between the school and the family.

Our passionate Teachers

Much educational research focuses on the importance of the teacher in assisting children to achieve and grow. We invest in our greatest resources – the people. We encourage professional excellence in all staff. Teachers who are the leaders in their field, committed to their purpose of educating young people, and who are genuinely passionate about their work. 

Centres of excellence

We strive for all at Little Scholars to be the best they can be. Little Scholars School of Early Learning has always recognised and embraced digital technologies as an important educational tool and equally the Natural learning environment is an integral piece of our journey to preparing children for life. We must be contemporary in our practices and thinking if we are to educate and support students in a hyperconnected world. At the same time our foundations of strong, positive relationships are at the heart of all we do, as we want our Little Scholars to be responsible, community and sustainability aware and caring citizens of the world whose opportunities in education give them the platform to step into amazing futures.

Wherever you are in your educational decision making journey –  we are delighted you are considering a Little Scholars School of Early Learning. We look forward to you being able to experience first- hand our vision for learning through play. 

Jae Fraser
Founder Of Little Scholars School Of Early Learning