Our mission at Little Scholars is to provide the highest quality care and education in early childhood by teaching your children to be leaders and confident individuals.

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I’m a Mum who would “never send my child to a centre”... I’m fastidious & extremely protective. I’m so, so happy to have been introduced to LS Stapylton and even more thrilled at the progress of Master 4 since he started going here. His personality has just bloomed!!
Great staff, beautiful centre, inspiring environment. Couldn’t recommend Little Scholars highly enough!
— Sharna Rouse (A Little Scholars Stapylton Parent)
I just wanted to write a quick note to thank all of you girls for the wonderful job that you do! Tommy is learning sooo much! We have seen him advance in leaps and bounds this year thanks to your love, encouragement and great teaching!

Tommy especially loves to count! Nearly every night at bedtime story time, he picks his “I Love Numbers” book and HE reads it to us! We can’t believe how easily he counts past 20, error free almost every time! And we’re constantly amazed that he consistently identifies nearly all the numbers to 10. Coming from a different Kindy, Jonathon has only properly mastered that skill in Prep this year. Often when Tom is putting himself to sleep, you can hear him counting in whispers to himself.

The other thing he does to put himself to sleep is sing his ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, or some other nursery rhyme. And in recent weeks we’ve love watching him better identify the letters of his name and even spell it.

We recommend Little Scholars to all of our friends who have similar aged children. We couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to send their kids to you 😃. Be encouraged that your sometimes less than rewarding job is making a big difference, and that you are establishing what’s sure to be a life-long legacy of a love of learning in many of your children.
— Andrea ( A Little Scholars Yatala Parent)
Our son is attending the stapylton little scholars and just loves it! Lindy, Alex and Jackie are awesome
He is in the nursery room and is just soo happy and loves going.
— S Dangerfield (A Little Scholars Stapylton Parent)
I’ve recently moved my son to Little Scholars.
He’s just done his second week and I couldn’t
be happier! I strongly encourage parents to
take the tour. You’ll fall in love the second you
hit the foyer
— Raylene Menehira ( A Little Scholars Yatala Parent)
My two gorgeous kidlets go to Little Scholars
and we love it! Beautiful environment, loving
and caring staff, all meals and nappies
— HC Sommer (A Little Scholars Yatala Parent)
Thank you Miss Mel for such a detailed and exciting rendition of the day at Little Scholars.

I’m so very happy I made the decision to send Dexter to you at Little Scholars, thank you for making my child’s day enjoyable, happy , safe, educational and exciting.
— Sumaya Lane (A Little Scholars Stapylton Parent)
Outstanding facility, caring and experienced staff, seriously could not ask for better! I’m so happy that we choose Little Scholars for Miss 4yo and think that the new owner’s should feel very proud of what they have achieved. Highly recommend!
— Miss Jodee ( A Little Scholars Yatala Parent)
Thank you so much for your time this morning touring myself and our little girl around. It’s absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to start! Little miss didn’t want to leave
— Melissah Evans ( A Little Scholars Stapylton Parent)
We are absolutely loving the centre. It has such a beautiful feel to it that you just can’t find anywhere else, nor do you even expect to find at an early learning centre. I suppose we all become accustomed to what most centres look like as they really don’t differ that much in the grand scheme of things. However at Little Scholars, it’s just above and beyond ! Every little detail, even the tiny ones....they have all been thought through with such detail and it just shows how much love and care you all put in. The centre is SO welcoming every single day just in the way it looks and feels. It’s just like walking into you’re own home which is such a calming and safe place for a child to be. The staff are just lovely and always very helpful; we are so appreciative of their smiles each time they greet us. I tell everyone what a stunning and successful environment you and your brother have created. You are changing the face of the industry by really raising the benchmark and I sincerely hope you both know that.
— Jodie Desjardins ( A Little Scholars Yatala Parent)